About TJB

What is The Jumbled Backpack?

The Jumbled Backpack is a blog mainly about two things: Christian discipleship and sports.  The only other things with power to weasel their way into this blog are cool pictures of animals.

Why is it called “The Jumbled Backpack”?

I keep my blog like I keep my backpack–jumbled.  Stuff accumulates in my backpack fascinatingly.  Sometimes stuff appears that I’ve never seen before.  This stuff walked into my backpack and I didn’t even notice.  Sometimes I pull out gems from the bottom of my backpack, like 5-dollar bills, Chick-Fil-A free sandwich coupons, and fun size candy bars.  Other times I extract pure junk, like chewed gum crumbled up in receipts, used kleenexes, and smashed pens that are leaking ink everywhere.

Anyways, how is that like your blog?

My blog features my musings, ramblings, rants, and more.  Sometimes the thoughts I pull out from within me are gems and other occasions they are pure junk.  Thus, this blog perpetrates the wonderings and wanderings of my mind–some of which you will hopefully enjoy; others of which you will throw away as quickly as chewed gum in a receipt.

So, who are you?

My name is Haddon Anderson and I’m currently a student at the Moody Theological Seminary in the heart of Chicago.  I did my undergraduate degree at rural Cedarville University and I’m now married to my wife Julie, who teaches middle school.  We are current residents of northwest Indiana.  My hometown is Rockford, IL, which is where my wife and I are soon planning to invest in urban and youth ministry.

Any further comments?

No.  Blog on.

To contact me via email: haddonanderson@gmail.com


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