Writing for Bleacher Report

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Sports

I love sports and I enjoy writing.  It only makes sense that I would love sportswriting.

I’ve recently received the opportunity to do just that.

Bleacher Report is the US’s 4th largest sports media site with approximately 20 million monthly viewers.  It attracts sports fans who are better labeled as “sports nuts.”

Think about a person you know who loves sports so much that he won’t stop talking sports after he gets started.  Opinions, stats, and trade rumors ooze out of him faster than what he can even breathe.

If you can now picture this person (and it may be yourself), then you’re beginning to understand who visits Bleacher Report.

Bleacher Report is endless sports banter on whatever league, team, or topic you wish.  It provides the latest rumblings in very reader-friendly articles and slideshows.  Moreover, the site is operated like a well-oiled machine.  Writers feed their work to trained editors, and the best pieces from the most accomplished writers receive high visibility status on the site.

Anyways, I got approved to write for the site a couple weeks ago and I was super stoked.  Then, after my first couple posts, I already was sworn at and called a retard by hostile fans.

Now, I’m recovering from my cyber-skirmish while having fun pumping out articles on the NBA, the Bulls, and whatever else comes to mind.  I plan to continue doing this for the coming weeks and months, and potentially the rest of my life…let’s just be honest.

With that said, my personal blog has suddenly grown lifeless.  The crickets are out and things are pretty silent on “The Jumbled Backpack.”  I do, however, still plan to post on occasion.  My blog will now warp into a place where I solely process thoughts on Christian discipleship, because the sports are obviously taking care of themselves on Bleacher Report.

If you’re interested in checking out a few of my B/R articles, here’s a sampling:

A piece on NBA contenders and pretenders;

A piece questioning why Derrick Rose isn’t treated like typical MVP’s;

And a piece on the Bulls having the NBA’s best fans.

That’s the latest from me.  I know my personal blog only generates about 5 loyal readers, but I still figured it was worth cluing those readers in on my latest disappearance from the blogosphere.



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