Urlacher & Briggs: Time to Voice Displeasure

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Sports

Brian Urlacher has been unwavering in his loyalty to the Chicago Bears throughout his years.  He’s stood by management, his teammates, and the city during his 12-year tenure.  With his track record, I’d expect him to still be supportive during this tumultuous ending to the Bears season.  It’s in his nature to remain loyal and to say the respectable things.

The same goes for Lance Briggs, who is not near the same figure in Chicago as Urlacher but is certainly near the same caliber of player (if not better).  Throughout his 9-year productive career, he’s remained fairly quiet and has consistently been one of the league’s top outside linebackers.  He’s only recently expressed angst with management because he desires a contract extension, which he most likely deserves.

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The play and persona of Urlacher and Briggs are exactly what an NFL team desires from their linebackers.  Fierce, fast, aggressive, and loyal.  They are truly the heart and soul of the Chicago Bears.

Because they are the heart and soul of the Bears, and because they are getting up years and their prime years are dwindling, now is the time for them to voice displeasure.  The Bears threw away their season because they chose not to make needed upgrades before the season, and as a result, they essentially wasted a season where all the other pieces were in place.  Truthfully, if Cutler would’ve never gotten hurt, the Bears would most likely be 11-4 right now.  They’d be rolling into the playoffs, with as good of chance as anyone to dethrone the Packers.

But because of management’s decision to not sign a reliable backup quarterback, and the choice to resort to wide receivers Roy Williams and Sam Hurd (which were more downgrades than upgrades), the Bears Super Bowl run went from a legitimate possibility to a knee-slapping joke.  Watching them the past five weeks has been utterly painful, and no one should be more upset than Urlacher and Briggs.

Imagine the feeling for Urlacher and Briggs when they have to take the field after another offensive 3 & out or another turnover.  At some point, their motivation and drive has to wane.  And they simply don’t deserve to have to continually take the field like that.  They are too good and too loyal.  At their level of play and age, they at least deserve an offense that has an adept option if Cutler goes down, and receivers that aren’t as washed up as the retired Michael Irvin.  Heck, Terrell Owens would’ve been a better option than Roy Williams.  I’m serious.

Because of this embarrassing ending to what should’ve at least been a playoff-appearing season, it’s time for the heart and soul of the Bears to voice displeasure and a desire for change.  And change that happens soon.  Urlacher and Briggs likely only have a couple stellar years left together, and if these blatant holes aren’t soon plugged, you can throw away any chance at the Bears making a Super Bowl run before Urlacher and Briggs hang up the cleats.

I’m not saying Urlacher and Briggs need to bash Jerry Angelo or rip on any players.  There is no need to get violent.  But there is a need to voice warranted displeasure and a desire to fill gaps where needed.  This can be done in a respectable way.  And people will listen to Urlacher and Briggs.  They are the last people that management wants upset in the Bears locker room.  Their frustration will trickle throughout the whole team.  They are the ringleaders and people feed off them.  It’s important to keep them happy.  Because of this, their frustration will be heard by management and hopefully their longings bring needed upgrades.

The core pieces to the Chicago Bears are in place.  Cutler has shown that, when healthy, he can be elite.  The offensive line has made significant progress.  The defense is solid as usual, with perhaps just a need for an upgrade at safety.  But the holes in the Bears are obvious and the Bear stalwarts don’t deserve to play for a team that is unwilling to field a more efficient squad.  It’s time for this fact to be declared by the Bears’ finest.


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